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peyk Bot


At Peyk, we started by bringing peer to peer deliveries to the British capital. As part of our vision and commitment to revolutionise the industry, our first product was born.

Intelligent By practicality

peykBot is a delivery robot that actually works.

Perfect for peer to peer deliveries

PeykBot is fully customisable

Real deliveries mean real terrain. That's why peykBot is designed with an all terrain chassis and the latest technology of honeycomb wheels that can provide a smooth and quiet delivery.

Technology, innovation and beauty.

in one





Request a delivery and have a cute peykBot take the honours of the delivery. Easy, affordable and trackable.

Request a delivery and have a cute peykBot take the honours of the delivery. Easy, affordable and trackable.









peykBot uses the latest technology of AI software and hardware to drive autonomously in the town.

Zero Emission Deliveries

Robots are surely green, maybe not as green as a bicycle due to charging batteries! But it is surely not releasing any emissions

Multi colour design

The two main sections of the robot is multicolour, making it more customisable and catchy to look at

Long range battery life

The peykBot provides a full 5 hours of nonstop battery life in urban deliveries, making it operationally accessible and convenient.

Advance software

PeykBot has a web enabled platform that allows an operator to identify and track the status of the robot as well as controlling it during an emergency.

Night enabled delivery

We definitely did not want to miss the other half of the day. Hence, peykBot is equipped with industry graded night lighting as well as indicators for a safe and secure night delivery.

Doors of partnerships:

PeykBot is open for all startups, enterprises and corporates for partnerships and collaborating. this includes having a customisable robot that features their own color, scheme and branding.

Khalid Al Busairi

CEO of Delicon Logistics

“We have started a long term relationship with Peyk and are looking to welcome this engineering excellence. Delicon and Peyk will shape the future of logistics in Kuwait. Welcome to Kuwait peykBot!”

Sarkan Kamil

CEO of Coozyn

“At Coozyn, we have built a platform for improving everyday human lives, and what’s better than autonomous deliveries. Luckily, the peykBot was found and we are looking forward in welcoming it in early 2023.”

Ali Sikandar

Digital Marketing Manager

Qatar Foundation

“peykBot is an engineering excellence which we had the privilege of welcoming in Qatar at summer. Qatar fully supports new technologies that can impact the society positively and peykBotnis surely one to persue”

Interested in collaborating?

We are open for global collaborations, partnerships and exciting sponsorships. Just click to contact us.